Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Breckenridge Beer Dinner

We're here at the Meddlesome Moth in Dallas for the Breckenridge Beer Dinner, featuring brewmaster Todd Usry. We absolutely love this place. It's fabulous. Amazing beers. Amazing food, which you'll see below. And amazing vibe. Great spot for food and beer lovers. We've been to one of these beer dinners before, but this time it's just 12 people at a big table in the back area and it was great fun. Sitting with strangers, who after a few beers are strangers no more. The others who attended were SERIOUS beer nerds. They make beer, travel for beer and know a LOT about beer. Very fun night.

First beer is the Agave Wheat served with Steamed Clams w/ Ginger, scallion & shitake mushrooms. Great start. Our host is Todd Usry, brewmaster from Breckenridge Brewery. Todd says you should poach fish in this wheat beer.

Our next course is the Avalanche Amber Ale paired with Farisotto w Tuscan kale, baby squash & saffron pecorino. We learned that farisotto is risotto made with an Italian grain called farro. Who knew?

The third course is a Vanilla Porter with braised beef ribs w/BVP BBQ sauce &vanilla bean-scented potato purée. Bring it on. Wow. That was fabulous. (should have asked what BVP stands for. oops)

Ribs were absolutely amazing. The BBQ sauce was truly the best I've ever had.

Now onto course 4, which is the 471 Small Batch Imperial IPA paired with Manchego cheese with three flavors honey figs, quince & Marcona almond. This beer came from the keg, so no pic of the beer bottle. Since I absolutely love cheese, this is one of my favorite courses. I'll definitely make these as an appetizer at home. Simple and just delicious. The Marcona almonds on this Manchego are my fave.

Fifth and final course is the Bourbon Aged ESB "Twenty" paired with Old fashioned lady fingers with Marasca cherries & drunken orange sabayon. "What is sabayon?" we asked the chef. It's an egg custard.  Dessert with beer. What could be better? 

The food at the Moth is just amazing. Here's our chef, Chad Kelly. A genius! Really.

And here's the reason we came. Our host, Todd Usry. He was very knowledgeable and so nice. Just a regular guy who knows how to create some wonderful beers. It was such a delight to try these great beers with such wonderful food. The pairings were perfect. Great night. Great beer. Great company. Great food.

Ya gotta go to the Moth next time you're in Dallas. Tell them the Chef Impersonator sent you. 

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