Friday, February 6, 2009


On the agenda tonight is dinner at the about-to-be-reopened Aventino off of Camp Bowie. Actually tonight a small group have been invited in for their very first seating. Kind of a test run for the wait staff and kitchen. Reservation is at 8 pm. Watch for more info on what promises to be a truly great restaurant in Fort Worth.


  1. Oh great Chef Impersonator:

    I am interested in knowing what type of cuisine you expect to partake in tonight. I hope you have a better experience than the people who dine at "Hell's Kitchen".

    Signed: One of your biggest fans.

  2. Hi Anonymous. I'll have to let you know after tonight. Can't wait. Should be fabulous. The menu will be posted online after they get the site up. Will be live very very soon. Call for a reservation! 817-731-0711