Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Food Photography at Los Vaqueros West

Just bought a Nikon Coolpix 7700 camera so I can start taking some nice photographs and start doing photo shoots for my food clients. I chose this camera for the quality shots I can get, but also for the portability of it. It fits into my purse and I'll use it on vacations too. Won't carry some big camera bag and lenses. I know myself. So I chose this one...and can easily move up to bigger and better equipment if this little experiment of mine goes well.

I'm a bit of a novice, but I think I have a pretty good eye. Here's some of my best shots so far. The client is Los Vaqueros Restaurants in Fort Worth, Texas. These were all shot at Los Vaqueros West, one of their 3 locations. This one's inWeatherford, TX.

First you pass this store...David's Stove Shop

Then you come to this very cool sign out in the middle of nowhere, showing you that you're on the right track...the restaurant is on the The Golf Club at Crown Valley

Then you pass this guy as you're driving down the road...he had his eye on me big time...

Then you see these guys...

And then you're there to start taking some pictures...

I tried something different on a few. I really like these.

Another setting...

This might be my favorite shot. I think if you can make chips and salsa look good, you're gonna be ok at photography.

This is the plate of accompaniments for the beef and chicken fajitas.

Delicious homemade guacamole served every single day.

The beef and chicken fajitas. I actually captured the steam and was quite pleased about that. Wish my angle had been better....next time.

I like this one a lot. Like the way the scene in the background is out of focus.

Closeup of beef and chicken fajitas.

More of my quasi-Andy Warhol look.

A different filter on this one. Had trouble making this plate look good.

If you can make a plate of brown food look good, you might have a future. PS - this was my lunch and it was DELICIOUS! Cheese enchiladas with rice and beans. Can't really beat that.

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