Thursday, June 30, 2011

Avery Beer Dinner at Libertine Bar

Went with good friends Alan and Becky to the Avery Beer Dinner at Libertine Bar in Dallas last night. Had such a good time. Wound up sitting next to Jesse Hughey from the Dallas Observer, who was reviewing the event. Pretty cool. Great company. Great beers. Marginal food.

So the menu looked really good, but unfortunately the execution wasn't so good. (And the food at Libertine is apparently always great.)  It was pretty dark inside so I couldn't really get too many good photos.

We had a great night. Met some new people. And we'll go back to Libertine. It's an awesome neighborhood bar with a great beer selection and great food. Probably won't do another dinner pairing there...we'll stick with Meddlesome Moth for those.

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