Friday, April 10, 2009

Barefoot Contessa

As they say, you learn something new every day. I've always wondered why Ina Garten's show was called Barefoot Contessa. Well I just turned on TBS and the movie The Barefoot Contessa is on. It stars Humphrey Bogart and Ava Gardner. Wonder if this is Ina's favorite film? I'm gonna do some research on this one...Stay tuned~

OK - that didn't take long. See what I found on Ina's web site. Who knew????

about ina

What does Barefoot Contessa mean?

Barefoot Contessa is the name of a classic movie from the 1950's with Humphrey Bogart and Ava Gardner. When I bought the store in 1978, it was called Barefoot Contessa. The former owner is Italian and her family called her the Barefoot Contessa when she was young. It's about being elegant and earthy which is what we're about.

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