Thursday, March 19, 2009

Book Club Yummies's book club was at Patty's boyfriend's house and it's just lovely there. Beautiful scenerely and quiet discussions about great books. Tonight, Patty served a great little appetizer that I thought we all should know about. The tenderloin was awesome but these little bites were worth sharing.

PS - sorry for my absence...I've been on Spring Break doing some serious family understand.

So anyway, tonight Patty served the simplest, most elegant, healthy little appetizer. You've just gotta try it. The photo above, taken straight from google images, shows just the endive with the boursin inside with a bit of caviar, but it's all I could find. So instead of the caviar, you just cut and place a slim end of asparagus inside and...well you get it.

Boursin-stuffed Belgian Endive with Asparagus
12 pieces of Belgian Endive
Boursin cheese
12 slim asparagus spears

Trim endive into 12 leaves. Fill each endive piece with a spoonful of Boursin Cheese. Top with a slim asparagus spear, cut to fit into endive piece and VOILA. YOU'RE DONE.


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