Saturday, February 14, 2009

Forbes Best Food Blogs

I thought I'd check out my competition today so I googled Food Blogs and found the Forbes List of Best Food Blogs. Ya know what I found?

The #1 food blog has lots and lots of text with nothing interesting to look at and a lot of cussing. It's called the Julia Julia Project. She's been posting for years and years and years.

The #2 blog was pretty good. You should check it out. It's called Deus Ex Culina.

One was in French so I have no opinion on that since I couldn't read it.

So basically, I have a chance here. Not that I need to be number 1 or anything, but it's good to know your competition.

What really amazed me was that the Julia Julia Project posts each get 100 or more comments each day! WOW. If I get one I'm a happy, happy Chef Impersonator!

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